Yoga: How to create a yoga sanctuary at home

Yoga: How to create a yoga sanctuary at home

When it comes to doing yoga, you don’t need too much: just a little relaxing space in your house for a mat and your own body. Let’s create a beautiful space to honor yourself at home!

Yoga became a very popular practice that brings mind and body together. It incorporates breathing exercises, meditation, and poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. That’s why creating a yoga space at home is so special, and can help establish a more consistent practice routine.

How to create a yoga sanctuary in your house

Some tips to create the perfect yoga space:

Step 1: Create space for a mat

The beauty of this yoga place at home is that it can be anywhere. It is not necessary to have an entire room to practice yoga, all you need is a little space for your mat. No matter if you have limited space, you can use a small corner in the living room, or even space next to your bed. 

Having a yoga mat is the basis for your practice

Step 2: Make sure you find a peaceful place

It is difficult to concentrate on your yoga practice if you are surrounded by a messy environment, so your yoga space should be a place where you can bend, stretch, and practice in peace. Light has a huge impact on your mood and well-being, thus, if possible, choose a place free of noise and other distractions with natural light.

Step 3: Decorate your yoga space

This will be your yoga sanctuary, so make it a place where you want to spend time in. Fill the room with decoration that makes you happy. There are many things you can add to your yoga space to make it more calming: incense or crystals, candles, plants, etc.

Decorate your yoga space with things that make you feel happy and comfortable

Step 4: Invest in some yoga props

If you want to introduce yourself to the world of yoga, there are many tools you can use to practice: a set of blocks, straps, a bolster, and a meditation pillow, among others. 

Step 5: Relax

When everything is done, use the space to relax and to connect deeply with yourself.

Bonus Tip: Music

Create or download a playlist suitable for your yoga practice. There's plenty of inspiration out there. Here you have just one to get you going from Spotify.

Victoria Thais

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