Will you be my –sustainable– Valentine’s? tips to spend a greener Valentine's!

Will you be my –sustainable– Valentine’s? tips to spend a greener Valentine's!

Sustainable holidays have become a thing and it is a good idea to ride on the wave. Here are 5 ways in which you can contribute to taking care of the environment!

We are in 2021 and it is high time we revisited our ways of celebrating and implemented some tweaks to make holidays more environment-friendly. There are simple ways to do so, what are you waiting for?

1. Cards

Valentine’s cards are a great way to express your love. If you love paper cards, you can create your own with materials you have at home, or you can try purchasing from stores that are environmentally responsible if you are not the crafty type. If not, you could actually send online cards that you have designed yourself!

2. Flowers

Flowers only last a week or so, why not choose a plant instead of a bouquet? You can actually get them a nice herb plant to use when cooking your valentine’s dinner together!

Flowers only last a week or so, why not choose a plant instead of a bouquet?

3. Dinner

If you are the cooking type of pal, consider buying season food on your local market –this way you make sure the food is super fresh and you are contributing to your local economy, on top of that you are reducing your carbon footprint as there is less transportation involved.

Buy seasonally and locally.

4. Gifts

Choose a present that will last, that has value, purpose and meaning –it needn’t be expensive, it should show that you have given the present some thought.

Make sure you shop locally, this has been a tough year for independent businesses, it will help boost a more sustainable local economy and on top of that you’ll get a special gift that cannot be found anywhere else!

Give a handmade gift. Whether you like painting, drawing, baking or sewing, why not give the ones you love something you have done yourself? I believe that when we spend time creating a present for one person, the object will bear traces of the good vibes and love we feel while doing it –and that something you cannot buy.

Use eco-friendly wrapping paper.

Use eco-friendly wrapping paper. Tapes ribbons and paper covered in glitter cannot be recycled, so please don’t spend money on them. Use brown paper or fabric wrapping and use a twine with a few flowers or leaves to decorate.

Make your date about spending time with your loved one, not about the things that surround you!

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