Learn how meditation is good for both your skin and hair

Learn how meditation is good for both your skin and hair

Anyone who’s made meditation a habit can talk for hours about the benefits that spending a few minutes a day focusing on the here and now has brought to their lives. However, has anyone ever told you that meditation also has benefits for your beauty? Its positive effects aren’t limited to skincare and its fight against skin conditions, but they’ll also reach your hair and its looks.

Meditation has important health benefits both in the mind and body, even though most of the time it's thought that its powers reach only the brain and emotions. Where many people fail to draw the connection between meditation and skin or hair care is the impact of one's mood and nervous system on such parts of the body. Learn how meditation improves your approach to life and how your skin and hair benefit from this change!

First of all, it's necessary to explain very clearly how stress and negative emotions can affect our looks and health in a bad way. On a deeper level, chronic stress shortens telomeres, the chromosome's protective caps whose deterioration is associated with aging. Stress is also a common factor that worsens skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema, as well as hair loss.

The effects of meditation, contrary to popular belief, aren’t limited to the mind and can benefit both the skin and hair.

This is why one of the most important effects of meditation, relaxation and stress-relief, will cause positive changes in your skin and hair. Not only will it help protect the telomeres and their activity, but it'll also lower the risks of developing some of the skin concerns mentioned above. In addition to this, meditation works against genes that boost inflammation. The effects on your skin will be fewer wrinkles and less inflammation, which will give you a youthful look!

Another aspect in which meditation protects your skin from the visible consequences of stress is through the suppression of cortisol production (AKA the "stress hormone"). This hormone usually raises the heart rate and blood pressure, but meditation pushes against it and promotes better blood flow. Because your skin cells receive more oxygen and nutrients, you'll notice how it becomes brighter and healthier.

 Learn how meditation has positive effects on your skin and your hair by reducing stress.

Science has shown that even a session as short as 15 minutes of mindfulness a day can improve your health and looks in many ways. In addition to making it easier for the skin to assimilate the assets of cosmetics, such a routine can take up to seven years off your biological age. It’s been proven that meditators look more youthful than people who don’t follow this longevity-boosting practice.

Additionally, some people claim that meditating softens out wrinkles that occur when they frown. This is a muscle contraction that most people do without realizing it whenever they’re stressed or worried -that’s why they’re sometimes referred to as “worry lines”. Meditation works to relax the body and mind, giving you more control over which muscles you’re moving and how you’ll approach your day.

There are people who claim that meditating softened out wrinkles that occurred when they frowned.

As for the effects of meditation specifically on your hair care routine, this activity will also boost its looks and health. Just like your skin cells, the ones on your hair scalp will also receive extra oxygen and nutrients, as meditation improves circulation and microcirculation. The result will be strengthened and brightened hair strands!

Meditation experts believe in specific types of meditation for each part of your body. This means that you can carry out different sessions to focus on the areas you wish to improve on. For example, meditations for the eyes will make the optic nerve stronger and increase circulation, which will in turn improve its appearance by reducing eye bags and dark circles.

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