The next pandemic is hunger

What will be the next pandemic after COVID?

The COVID 19 crisis has further impoverished the world. So much so that, according to the United Nations, nearly 50 million will be in extreme poverty and will need some kind of food aid. This includes Europe and the United States

In its report on the pandemic, the UN highlighted the need to protect access to food for all people and the right to adequate nutrition.

50 million will be in extreme poverty after COVID 19

And especially during the COVID 19 pandemic whose economic effects will worsen the living conditions of millions of people around the planet.

Already millions of people are going hungry. While there is more than enough food in the world to feed everyone, more than 820 million people still do not have enough to eat and the numbers will certainly increase.

But this is still the case for children. More than 144 million children under the age of five worldwide are stunted, which means they are too young for their age, mainly due to malnutrition.

Added to this is the economic crisis generated by COVID 19 that will make some 50 million people poorer.

The next pandemic is hunger: poverty will increase after COVID

A possible way forward?

1. Having food services that take care of the whole population

Countries should consider food and nutrition services essential, applying protections against COVID 19 for those working in food aid.

2. Greater social protection for nutrition

Children must be a priority group, according to UN experts. There should be specific official services to monitor the nutritional level of children.

3. The food industry in balance with the environment

It is important for the UN that food-related industries are sustainable. Food production is one of the most polluting activities, often putting the livelihoods of many populations at risk. This is the case of massive soybean or palm oil plantations.

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