What is mindfulness and how to practice it

How many times do you feel like you're not concentrating enough? That you haven't really enjoyed the moment?

How to be more mindful?You're doing a task and suddenly, without you realizing it, you're on a different task. Reading without paying attention to words and meaning, scrolling through social media while having lunch or even spending time with your family.

That's the purpose of mindfulness. To create awareness, attention and focus on the present moment. 

People tend to keep their minds on the past or constantly planning for the future, which when practiced too much becomes a huge source of stress.

Mindfulness is the process of cultivating our ability to be attentive to present experience (whether thoughts, emotions or bodily sensations), awakening from behaviors that are routine or automatic.

Mindfulness: the process of cultivating our ability to be attentive to the present

It’s easy to confuse mindfulness with other concepts, but…

The benefits of mindfulness

The benefits of mindfulness


How to be more mindful?

Pay special attention to common practices

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