Upcycling: how it works the Airbnb of clothes

What is Upcycling? Can you stay in fashion without buying new clothes?

The fashion industry is a big contributor to the world's pollution. Raging from waste treatment to inhuman working conditions, fast-fashion is a problem for the planet. If you are concerned about your impact on the environment but don't want to miss the latest trend, Upcycing may be the solution you were looking for.     

Some initiatives have launched what is known as Upcycling, which mean renting clothes from private users.

A sort of  Airbnb for your closet. 

Does it sound strange to you? Think about it as the same business model but for the fashion industry.

Upcycling, can you you stay on the trends without buying new clothes?

The idea behind upcycling is to bring the trend closer without having to consume new clothes at the pace dictated by the fashion industry.  And contribute to a more sustainable world, while keeping up to date with fashion.

But this is not the only thing upcycling does. The word adds up two ideas: recycling and improving what you already have (up).  The idea is to allow you to make new clothes from clothes you already have, by customizing them.

Upcycling is being adopted by designers as well. This is what is known as Upcyclick : connecting those who want their clothes to be modernized with young talented designer.

Here are some of the sites and brands you can't miss

Fabric For  Freedon

A British brand of slowfasion that promotes the prolonged use of the garments and their recycling and periodic improvement. Makes one collection a year.

Zero Waste Daniel

A New York brand where every dress is 100% recycled. Their designs are very characteristic. He designs basics and complements. Have a look at their collections here.


A Bristol brand based brand that works mainly with clothing from shipping workers, and trades linked to the port. Very fresh designs that can be seen in London also.

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