Nankurunasia or the art of having a perspective

What is Nankurunasia? The Japanese ancient mantra to calm the mind.

When you feel sad or overwhelmed by problems, try to repeat this word: Nankurunasia. Learn why

There was a time when this word, which was born hundreds of years ago in Japan, had such a long meaning. "Never forget who you are. Live for today and tomorrow. Never forget to smile, and as terrible as your day may have been, remember that tomorrow the sun will welcome you with a big smile. You must do the same."

Nankurunasia, an ancient mantra

Although it's not a definition we can't deny it's practical and beautiful. And the economics of language has proven a simpler explanation. Nankurunasia? Time heals all wounds.

"Nankurunasia" is a way of saying "everything will be fine." Hence, many consider it to be the key to everything.

Finally, confidence in what is to come is a gigantic force that helps us to move forward. This applies especially to those difficult moments when we have the feeling that there is no way out.

In ancient Japan, the word "Nankurunasia" was used to evoke all the good things in life. They refer to it frequently and on almost in every occasion.

Just saying it brings inner peace and confidence. That's why it's defined as more than a word, it's a mantra. It is an expression that helps to connect with a positive and encouraging inner vibration.

Mantras are sometimes used as a meditation technique. Learn how to meditate easily, you'll be amazed by its benefits!

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