What causes your headaches and how to prevent them What causes your headaches and how to prevent them

What causes your headaches and how to prevent them

Everyone has suffered from a headache. We take some medication to feel better, but sometimes we don't know why we have a headache.

That's why here we share with you the most common causes of headaches and some recommendations to prevent it. These recommendations are based on the fabulous advice of Professor Paul Booton, a clinical doctor at the National Migraine Center.


Irregular Sleep Habits

We know that both excess and lack of sleep act as triggers of headaches. To rule out sleep as a cause, it's best to adopt healthier habits, avoid caffeine, alcohol or screens before bed, and make sure the room is quiet and dark.

Low Blood Sugar

This is a powerful headache trigger, so don't be tempted to skip breakfast and start the day with nothing in your stomach. A balanced diet full of whole grains and whole fruit is very good for preventing headaches and migraines, as the carbohydrates are slowly released into the system.



It is easy to consume high levels of caffeine without realizing it. Caffeine is a good painkiller in itself, so you can get headaches from overuse in the same way as painkillers. Minimize your risk by switching to decaffeinated or herbal/fruit-based beverages.


For some people, food may act as a trigger for headaches. If you think something you are eating is causing your headaches, cut it out of your diet for one to three months. 


You may go through a stressful time at work, spend long hours, skip meals, come in late at night and drink more than usual, and the result is a headache.  To deal with all this, consider physical activity to release stress, in addition to eating healthy and staying hydrated. Make time for yourself and your wellness.

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