What? Is it true that tears make your eyelashes longer?

Is it true that tears make your eyelashes longer?

This question comes up all the time but there is no scientific evidence to confirm that tears help the growth of eyelashes. But, they do have many positive effects on your mind and body.

It's proven that the composition of tears has a wonderful effect on our face and also relieves us of discomfort. Of course, you should not consider it as a beauty routine but it's curious to know that the benefits of crying are many more than we think. Let's see!

1. Tears improve the appearance of the retina

Tears improve the image that forms on the retina by smoothing out any irregularities on the surface of the eyeball, providing nutrients, and removing debris. Also, they help protect the eyes against microorganisms.

Tears are always present in your eyes and keep them clean and bacteria.

2. Crying has a relaxing effect

Crying may be one of your best relaxation mechanisms as crying activates the parasympathetic nervous system. You should drop several tears before you feel the calming effects of crying and your body feels looser.

3. Tears act as a natural pain reliever

Tears help calm those negative sensations, as well as the pain that we may feel at that time. But we are not only referring to physical discomfort, but rather an emotional one. This inconsolable crying can be the first step to vent and accept the reality that has led us to a certain situation.

Continuous tears lubricate your eyes and help protect them.

4. Tears help hydrate the eye

Basal tears are those that are generated without a feeling, it is simply a product of the lacrimal glands. These reach the eye and leave in the tears and serve to protect it and fight foreign substances and dirt. Also, they keep the area hydrated, because they oxygenate the cornea and take care of vision. The same happens with reflex tears, which occur when a foreign object is put into the eye. They are produced in large quantities because they contain antibodies to protect against germs and possible viruses.

5. Reduce bad mood

When the body generates tears, it discards manganese and when the body contains high amounts of this metal, it experiences irritability, fatigue, depressive periods, and anxiety. However, crying increases the number of endorphins, which helps restore a good mood.

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