Uses of rice paper inside and outside the kitchen

Uses of rice paper inside and outside the kitchen

There are several types of rice paper and of course it has multiple uses. In this article, we will mention some of them, both inside and outside the kitchen.

1.- Crafts with rice paper 

Rice paper is a very versatile material. Its texture and thickness can be used for crafts and decoration projects, such as decoupage or paper lanterns. 

2.- Edible rice paper

You can use it for wrapping some crispy Vietnamese or Thai spring rolls or making sweets with layers of chocolate rice paper.

Rice paper can be used for crafts

3.- Chinese calligraphy

Rice paper is the essential support for the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy. This traditional practice requires high-quality brushes, ink and, above all, rice paper with a specific thickness and texture.

4.- Home decor

Japanese door screens are often made of rice paper. It is a translucent material, which diffuse light and shadows but still allow a lot of light through. 

If you prefer to use it in the kitchen, try our rice paper rolls with a delicious beet hummus.

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