Too close 3 ideas for not hating your love during COVID 19

Too close: 3 tips to avoid arguing with your partner during lockdown

You've probably never spent as much time with your partner as you did during your COVID  crisis. You literally spend most of your time with the same person. Surely you can go from love to hate in just a few seconds. How can you avoid hating your partner during the quarantine?

They say that when there is a crisis we become transparent. All our virtues and, above all, our long list of defects, can be easily perceived.

If you spend many hours with someone and it is also out of obligation, the list of virtues will probably get smaller and the list of defects will grow every two minutes.

But the fact is that seeing someone constantly makes them lose their charm and their secret, which can also make you not want to get close to your partner.

Don't worry, it happens to everyone. Here are 3 simple ideas that you can use to try to put some distance between you and your partner so that permanent cohabitation doesn't end up killing you!

Find your own spaces. It's not the easiest thing to do. Not everyone has a house big enough not to see each other's faces. But you can try to apply your imagination, recover some forgotten corner or establish moments to use a common space separately.

For example, the moment when the living room is yours and yours alone. If you have a large space, it will be easier for you to arrange a place for everyone.

How to avoid fighting with your partner during lockdown

Reinforce your social life in the networks. It's not about spending all day on Facebook or videoconferencing but it's nice to have your own meetings with friends, your own chats and your own moments alone with other people.

Change your routines. Try to make changes to your routines so that each day is not a repeat of the next. Maybe go out and buy something special, exercise together, cook a special dish once a week. Something that makes the moment different and not automatic.

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