Clean your oven easily with these hacks

Tips for an easy and thorough oven-cleaning

Having a clean oven isn’t useful just to peek inside through the glass and see how your food’s turning out; it’s also important because a dirty oven is less efficient. It’ll start deteriorating faster, and it’ll stop working as well as before. Preventing this isn’t hard with these oven-cleaning tips!

Cleaning the oven's door may seem like a tricky task, but it actually isn't as hard. You just need to scrub the food, if there’s any, with a ceramic hob scraper or a metal spatula. Then, rub some spray-on or gel oven cleaner, or a paste of baking soda and water, on the glass. The last one should be wiped off after 15 minutes with the help of damp microfibre cloth.

There are different ways in which you can clean your oven's shelves. On one hand, you can mix some biological washing detergent and warm water in a large plastic storage box. Then, let the shelves soak in and, to clean off whatever grease or food's left, choose a mild abrasive cleaner.

Cleaning the oven’s shelves isn’t hard and will help you improve its efficiency.

On the other hand, you can dissolve 250g of soda crystals in a sink filled with hot water. After soaking your oven's shelves there for an hour, make a ball of paper foil and use it to scrub away leftovers. Finally, rinse them and let them dry.

When using your oven, you can prevent many potential messes with some precaution and pre-planning. For example, you can buy easy-clean oven sheets adequate to your oven's size, or simply lay an unused baking sheet onto the oven's lower rack, which will catch spills.

When baking or cooking, some food can fall outside and into the oven: prevent this with baking or easy-clean sheets in the bottom of the oven.

In addition to this, you can take some measures after cooking or baking that will make cleaning the oven much easier. Each time you finish using it, place inside a heat-resistant bowl with some water. After heating it for around 20 minutes at a high temperature, the grease and food in the inside of your oven will have loosen up and they’ll be easier to wipe off -once the oven's cool enough.

Hopefully, these tips were useful and will make this household chore easier for you!

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