This is why you should try a weighted blanket

This is why you should try a weighted blanket

Have you ever tried a weighted blanket? If not, you should! Weighted blankets have become very popular thanks to their ability to help with anxiety, stress, and other conditions. Learn more about their benefits here!

What is a weighted blanket?

As its name says it is a blanket filled with weighted materials, such as plastic pellets. It comes in different sizes and weights and can be used by kids and adults. Its deep pressure has calming effects and many studies consider the weighted blanket as a kind of therapy.

3 Benefits of using a weighted blanket

1) Helps with insomnia:

A weighted blanket can help with insomnia // Photo by daily mail

Insomnia has a variety of patterns and many people suffer from this sleeping problem. In a study made by the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, 31 adults with chronic insomnia were tested. They were supposed to use the weighted blanket. Researchers found that using this blanket improves the sleep quality of the participants by releasing two brain chemicals: dopamine and serotonin. When serotonin increases, it can be easier to relax. 

2) Eases pain

It is a fact that using a weighted blanket helps many people relieve pain such as body pain and dental pain. Consequently, they can stop taking painkillers regularly. Moreover, there is evidence that it is good for chronic conditions as it may help keep the legs in place and reduce the usual feelings of pain.

3) Reduces stress and anxiety 

The deep pressure produced by a weighted blanket is associated with compression-based touch such as massaging and hugging. This produces a feeling of relaxation and calm in many people which helps reduce stress levels and anxiety. Furthermore, it can help control panic attacks. 

Weighted blankets reduce stress and anxiety // Photo by goodhousekeeping

4) Help students focus

"This blanket feels like you're receiving the most comforting hug without feeling constrained and hot," says an Amazon review. Sometimes, students need to feel confident and supported at school, and a weighted blanket can help with that. Researchers believe the firm but gentle pressure of the blanket helps relieve the child’s anxiety and keeps them focused. 

5) Improves the mood

Researchers have found that the deep pressure made by the weighted blanket promotes the release of two brain chemicals: serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals are able to improve mood and also combat anxiety, stress, and depression. In addition, the weighted blanket can feel like a great hug, which can improve your mood and ease your sadness.

A weighted blanket promotes the release of two brain chemicals: serotonin and dopamine.

6) It can be your perfect travel partner

If you have fear of traveling or have feelings of anxiety, you are not alone. For some people traveling is a problem while for others staying in a strange environment like a hotel room can also be difficult. If this is your case you could benefit from a weighted blanket. As mentioned before, the serotonin this blanket produces with its pressure stimulation can calm those feelings. 

7) Help with autism symptoms

A study tested young people with an autism spectrum disorder, who were suggested to sleep with a weighted blanket and with a regular blanket. At the end of the test, people expressed their preference for the weighted blanket since touching it made them feel good. 

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