These daily habits will improve your posture!

The ultimate 4 regular habits you should acquire to improve your posture after surviving 2020

Most of us have spent endless hours in front of our electronics this 2020 and it has taken its toll on our posture. Bad posture can pose a significant risk to your health in the long run. And it's usually the result of a daily basis. Here we share some tricks for you to improve and correct your posture.

After the advent of homeworking, a lot of us have been fired to work from home. And, although it might be comfortable not having to commute long hours, the truth is that we don't have the right workspace to sit for 8 hours. As a result of being seated in the wrong position for several hours, we have developed bad posture habits.

Having bad posture may cause serious health problems later on: headaches, breathing problems, and even digestion problems.

Daily Habits that will improve your posture

Evaluate the damage

Before you think about all the ways to correct your slouching, you should first evaluate your current situation. Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. If you see that your back is not straight and your head tends to be in front of your shoulders... we have bad news for you, you have bad posture.

Daily Habits that will improve your posture

1. Refurbish your workspace

Most people spend most of their time bent over a desk, and rarely get up all day. If you spend long periods of time sitting in front of a screen, try to keep your head up and your chin parallel to the floor. Also, try to keep your ears no further forward than your shoulders. Elevating your screen is a simple solution, use books or a stack of papers.

If you spend long periods of time sitting in front of a screen, try to keep your head up and your chin parallel to the floor

2. Exercises like Pilates, yoga, and swimming can help

Physical activity of at least 30 minutes every day is recommended. If you don't like gyms, try a sport. The most important thing is to develop a routine. Exercise is positive, because it gives you energy, tones your body, reduces stress, helps you sleep better, keeps your digestive system healthy. Also, when  your body uses oxygen and nutrients effectively, the immune system improves.

Physical activity of at least 30 minutes every day is recommended to improve your posture

3. Avoid carrying too much weight

If you use a backpack, purse, or wallet, try not to carry too much weight, so as not to overload the muscles in your back and neck. This causes us to adopt a stooped posture.

Avoid carrying too much weight.

4. Try to sleep on your side or on your back

If you sleep on one side, it is best to place a thin pillow between your legs and hug a thicker pillow. Sleeping on your back, it is best to have a thin pillow. You can also put another pillow under your knees. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.

The way you sleep has a significant impact on our posture

Experts say that posture is related to your self-esteem. The easiest way to improve your posture is to practice constantly, which means trying to stand up straight all the time.

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