The simple things you need to do to start meditating

Meditation is a very simple practice that people overcomplicate. This article focuses on breathing meditation, where you focus on your breath.

Meditation is a practice many struggle to incorporate into their daily life. Mainly this happens because we overcomplicate and overthink it. We tend to believe that we havr to sit up straight, to have our mind completely blank and if none of this happens, we give up. But meditation doesn't have to be this difficult. 

How to do it and how to sit down to start meditating

Today we break down two common struggles of this beneficial poractice: how to sit and what to do. 

How to sit:

The biggest thing to remember is to keep your back straight.

What to do:

As you move your focus around, you point it at everything you give attention to in your life, from your smartphone to a conversation you’re having. And a lot of the time, you direct it at more than one thing at a time. Our mind is a multi-tasker after all.

Meditation takes that “spotlight” that is your attention and it points it directly at your breath. So that’s all well and good, but what do you do, exactly? Five things:

1. Get comfortable

2. Start your timer

3. Bring your attention/focus to your breath: you can focus on any element of your breath that you want – from how the air feels as it enters and exits your nose, to how the air feels as you inflate and deflate your lungs, to the sensation under your nose as you breathe in and out, to the sound you make as you breathe. 

The attention you give the different things around you is a spotlight,

4. Let your thoughts go. Not thinking is not an option, but try to acknowledge your thoughts and just let them go, like watching a cloud float away. 

5. Bring your attention back to your mind when it wanders: And it will. When your mind wanders, and it will gently bring your attention back to your breath once you realize that your mind has wandered. 


SOURCE: A life of productivity, Chris Bailey. 

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