What is JOMO?

The Joy of Missing Out. JOMO is the new FOMO.

Have you ever felt anxious or overwhelmed about missing a party or not wanting to spend a weekend with friends, so anxious that you can't say NO?

If that is the case, you may be affected by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Or, in other words, I want to be popular and I can't say NO to anything!

When you don't want to miss out on any of the social activities; or, when you're looking forward to being at a party not because you want to, but because you just’ can’t bear missing it, that’s when  FOMO makes its appearance in your life.

But you can stop it! Goodbye FOMO, welcome JOMO

Try this simple two letter word: NO

If you repeat it several times, in different tones and in different ways, you will eventually be convinced that you can use it more than once

Forget the fear of missing something. Now it's time to say NO to everything you don't like or that doesn’t really serve you.

What does JOMO mean?

JOMO means “Joy Of Missing Out”. New word, old wisdom. Remember the "Dolce fare niente”? It’s the Italian philosophy of enjoying…well, doing nothing.

JOMO. Enjoy doing nothing

It's not a very complicated recipe indeed: stay tuned for 3 seasons of your favorite series, pizza and beer, just when all your friends went to the trendy restaurant this season.

JOMO stands for NO. It's another way of saying NO.

By saying 'no' to plans that deep down inside you know are not for you. On parties that will steal precious hours of sleep, meetings with people who frankly bore you.

The YES is for everything you really like and want to do. It's not too complicated, is it?

Learn to say NO. JOMO

Always connected? No, thanks.

Writer and speaker Christina Crook (The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World, 2014) has a cause. He wants people to follow his method.

JOMO means not always connected

He says that being always connected has negative effects. On the other hand, disconnecting, not only digitally, but from commitments also brings rewards.

Start, as you wish...

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