The 3 stages of self discovery during COVID 19

The 3 stages of self discovery during COVID 19

Surely during the coronavirus crisis you had a lot of time to think and understand exactly where your life is. Am I really doing what I like? Is it time for a change?

Maybe it's time to reflect and make some changes? If so, you are likely to go through some stages in the process. 

1.Doubt or denial

Denial is a necessary step in a any change process. 

Unavoidable and necessary. We think that nothing is going right for us, that we are useless or that we have missed too many opportunities. You have doubts about your own potential. Most people are undervalued for their ability to adapt. So much doubt that you may deny any possibility of change or transformation. During this period you may get stuck thinking and not doing much, it's OK.

2. Evaluation and consideration

Pause and reflect. It's vital for an action plan towards the change you want

Things are slowly getting better. You understand that you need to make adjustments to the dynamics you had until recently, and start evaluating alternatives. Judgment and interpretations are often present. You start thinking about what you like or don't like, what is good for you or not good for you. You start to make up you mind. Enjoy the process, and make sure you take notes for further actions.

3.- Movement and action

3 moments you will go through if you want to reinvent your life during Covid 19

Once you have crossed the previous steps, you are in front of a new launch pad for reinvention, where you already feel you have the most defined skills. Now, it's all about gaining momentum and designing a strategic plan that will lead you to the new being on a personal and professional level. You will abandon your old suits, to take on new and different roles from those you knew.

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