Sweet Tooth? Discover the benefits of meditating while enjoying your favorite chocolate

Sweet Tooth? Discover the benefits of meditating while enjoying your favorite chocolate

How many times did you really enjoy the chocolate you eat? This meditation technique, in addition to being delicious, brings you to the present moment connecting you with your body and with sensations that you are rarely aware of. 

Meditation is highly recommended to find balance, relax, release stress, relieve anxiety, calm your mind, know yourself, and understand yourself better. However, not all people find it easy to focus their minds and divert their thoughts.

The benefits of meditating while enjoying the richest thing: chocolate!

If that is your case if you feel that meditation is so much for you, and if you also love chocolate, how about trying a meditation while having your favorite chocolate?

In her new book, Mindfulness for Chocolate Lovers, therapist Diane R. Gehart suggests "meditating by focusing on the sweet moments in life, like when you enjoy your favorite treat".

The only thing you need for this meditation technique is a bar of your favorite chocolate, and if it is dark and sugar-free, much better.

Benefits of mindfulness with chocolate

This little mindfulness practice will help you connect more with the present moment, and you don't necessarily have to do it with chocolate, it can be with anything you enjoy eating or doing.

The point is that you take each step consciously and teach your mind, and your senses, to focus on the present moment. This will help you focus your mind if meditation is not your strong suit.

Meditating by focusing on the sweet moments in life.

In addition, this way you will learn to enjoy more of all things, not only what you can eat but also each moment and each experience, no matter how simple.

Lao Tzu, an ancient Taoist thinker who lived more than 3,000 years ago, taught that it is not necessary to travel to distant places or practice special rituals to find joy and peace because they are always here in the present moment.

Meditate while having your favorite chocolate, and learn to enjoy every piece of it.

In this regard, many people find that the chocolate meditation poignant underlines the truth in Taoist wisdom: when you slow down to the present moment, a natural sense of tranquility and peace emerges. The tantalizing excitement and related dramas of the outer world cloud the inherent state of well-being that arises when we silence the inner talk.

This meditation invites you to focus your attention differently from what you normally do, and in doing so, you find that the essence of what you are ultimately seeking is here, right in front of you. Then you realize that happiness is not necessarily in the big and complicated things but in the simplest details.

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Victoria Thais

A trip to India was all it took for Victoria to realise that meditation is not a fancy word for sitting around in silence. It truly changed Victoria’s life to a less stressful and more mindful one. Now a freelance consultant and journalist, Victoria joined KOKO to share her knowledge on those little things that are life so much better, and cosier.+ info

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