5 tips to prevent bruxism

Stress at the center of everything. 5 tips to prevent bruxism

We are all subject to tremendous amounts of stress. For some of us that can turn into Bruxism. A problem that goes beyond your teeth. Learn how you can easily prevent bruxism!  

Bruxism is a pathology that causes unconscious clenching of the jaw, together with teeth grinding against each other.

People who suffer from bruxism often clench and grind their teeth unconsciously or while they are asleep, so they do not know they are suffering from it. 

Among the most common symptoms are worn out teeth, fractured enamel, dislocated jaw, and loose teeth.

The main cause of bruxism is stress

Stress at the root of everything

The main cause of bruxism is stress and anxiety caused by everyday problems. So these relaxation techniques are highly beneficial. Insomnia can also cause bruxism.

5 tips to relieve bruxism

1. Meditation against bruxism

The power of your mind is almost infinite and it can help you stand up to bruxism. Just before you go to sleep, think and convince yourself that you're not going to grind your teeth tonight. This way, you will face your nightly bruxism differently.

2. Massage to relax the jaw

Put your finger in your mouth and follow the line of your teeth to the end of your mouth. You will come across a bone that you will have to edge inwards until you find like a little rope. Apply a little pressure to this area for a few seconds so that it gradually relaxes. Repeat this exercise a couple of times.

Self-massage for TMJ/jaw pain [myofascial release]

3. Exercise to feel less tension

If you feel a lot of tension in your jaw and even some swelling in the back, you will notice some relief when doing this exercise. Place a pen or similar between your back teeth and squeeze lightly. Repeat several times carefully so you don't get hurt.

Pull your jaw out and put it back in the same position. Repeat this movement about 20 times a day. It is a very simple exercise that you can do at any time.

4.Exercise to keep your teeth from grinding

Another exercise to help you relax. Start by pulling out the jaw and cover the upper lip with the lower lip. Then, smile to exercise other muscles in your face. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

5. Stretching the facial muscles

Fill your mouth with air by letting your cheeks fill with air. Wait a few seconds and let the air out and let your face relax.

Rapid Pain Relief for TMJ pain

Remember that bruxism is a medical condition, and as such, you should always seek professional advice for treatment and monitoring. 

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