Spring cleaning: how to organize it and start the season refreshed!

Spring cleaning: how to organize it and start the season refreshed!

Spring is coming and it is a good idea to get rid of what you don’t longer need, give your place a deep clean and get ready for the next few months!

There are many ways to tackle your spring cleaning, but first of all, do some planning. It is necessary to keep a checklist of your cleaning tasks, a schedule and jot down the items you are planning to give away.


This is the area that you probably use the most at home, so you have to make sure you clean all the important areas.

Clean your brushes

Wash your brushes.

If you want to prevent acne and breakouts, this should be your priority. You have to clean them regularly if you don’t want to apply dirt to your face every time you apply makeup onto your face. Use some warm water and your face wash to remove all the product built-up.

Store your items

Keep your backup items in a basket under your sink and place each item where it is supposed to be. Here are some ideas to organize your bathroom!


Organize your bed.

Your bedroom should be your safe place where you can relax and this is why it should be clean and tidy.

Your bed

Give your pillows, sheets and mattress a deep clean so they feel fresh and new.

Tidy your devices

Organize your cords and electronics to avoid clutter in your bedroom. Keep your chargers, headphones and cords in a basket so they are easily found and look organized.


From clothes items to bedsheets to accessories and shoes, you have to get rid of anything that you no longer find a use for. Here are some ideas to organize it!


The kitchen is the place where everyone ends up –family members, friends and yourself. This is one of the reasons why it could also be the messiest room of your home.

Keep the items you use the most in a place that's easy to reach.

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