Spiritual cleansing bath with coarse salt and apple cider vinegar

For centuries, different cultures have used salt and vinegar to clean spaces and people, and avoid bad vibes. Let's see how to make a healing bath.

Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations included salt or vinegar in their rituals, as it is one of the most effective natural protectors. For their part, the Christians spread salt over their steeples to bless them and ward off demons, and the Jews used it to ensure the purity of their offerings. Asians still use salt as a household cleaner. Let's see how to do this ritual. Spiritual cleansing baths are a wonderful way to get rid of your stress and refresh your intentions.

Spiritual cleansing bath: Try a salt bath ritual!

Protect your spaces

To clean the vibe of your home, pour salt into a container and place it in the main room or living room. Then sprinkle salt throughout the house, from the center to the corners.

Keep the bad vibes away

If you put a cup of apple cider vinegar in a bucket of water, you will not only be able to do a deep cleaning on the floors of your house but you will also ward off bad energy.

ACV may also help restore the natural pH balance of your skin.

Extra tip: Traditions say that when there is salt in a house, there will always be money ... so check the cupboard or run to shop! Remember that sea salt and pure rock salt are the most effective.

Ritual bath with coarse salt and apple cider vinegar

Salt and ACV bath rituals will help you cleanse your aura and remove negative energy.

Through the baths, it is possible to get rid of things that are strange or antagonistic to our idea of purity.

What do you need?

Ritual: One of the most popular combinations is salt, which purifies, and apple cider vinegar, which cleanses negative energies and astral larvae. To try this ritual, fill the bathtub with warm water and add coarse salt and vinegar. You can also put the mixture in a jug and shower from neck to toe.

Can you imagine making a vinegar bath for your feet? Here are 4 unexpected things that will happen if you soak your feet in vinegar for 15 minutes!

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