Social commitment: Bollywood stars against discrimination

Social commitment: Bollywood stars against discrimination

Bollywood is known for being the Mecca of Indian cinema, the happy territory of stars who look like demigods and also the place where social criticism is usually silenced

The first to break the silence have been the actresses who a few months ago began to make their own Indian #MeToo.

Many well-known Bollywood women dared to file complaints of harassment and began with fellow professionals but continued up the ladder including ministers, journalists or judges.

There were not too many consequences for the justice system because of the collusion of the judiciary and political power in India, but clearly the Bollywood stars have taken action. The problems of harassment and violence against women are one of the most important, widespread and silenced problems in India. The Indian Mee Too wants to end that silence.

India's Got Colour

The commitment is not limited to women's battle against harassment.  Recently, well-known Bollywood stars created India's Got Colour. It is a group led by actress Nandita Das with the aim of making discrimination against dark-skinned Indians visible.

As in other Asian societies, making skin lighter for aesthetic reasons and higher status becomes essential in an industry that does not hire very dark-skinned actors. Skin whitening treatments are usually very common for many actresses.

That is why this movement led by Nandita Das has a risky and controversial proposal within the Indian film industry.

India's Got Colour filmed a video mocking daily examples of racism with a very clear message to overcome them and denounce them.

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