These are simple tips for cleaning up after the festivities

Simple tips for cleaning up after the festivities

The festive season is the perfect moment to be with family, eating your favorite dishes, and opening presents. But what happens then? Spills and stains everywhere. Don’t panic! Here are some tips from experts

Hopefully, some experts on housekeeping collaborated to investigate the top eight cleaning issues on festivities and how to fix them. From removing glitter to removing red wine, here are some simple tips you should consider. 


Glitter can be really difficult to remove, especially from your carpet

If you wrapped a present with paper with glitter or you have glitter decoration, chances are your floor ends up full of glitter too. Glitter can be really difficult to remove, especially from your carpet. Here is what you should do.


To work deeper into the carpet fibers, you should use a small shop vac attachment. But for smaller areas, use the hose part of the vacuum without any attachments.

Vinyl, wood, or laminate floor:

Look for old cloth and wet it. Then dab and wipe the glitter up using static electricity. And if you have a tape-based lint roller, you can use it to remove leftover glitter.

2. White wine

There are plenty of natural cleaning solutions for white wine

Wine is a typical drink to celebrate Christmas and New Year and so are the spills of wine on the floor. But don’t worry! There are plenty of cleaning solutions.


If you spill white wine on the carpet, you should clean it quickly or it will be harder to clean it later. So blot the spillages as quickly as possible, following these steps:

Vinyl, wood, or laminate floor:

White wine does not stain wood, vinyl, or laminate flooring, however, it is advisable to clean it quickly to avoid possible moisture damage. To remove the spillage, soak up the stain with a paper towel and then clean the excess using soapy water. 

3. Red wine

Red wine spillages can be quite hard to remove

What a disaster! Red wine spillages can be quite hard to remove, but there are excellent ways to eliminate that stain of red wine.


The most popular way is applying and blotting WD-40 onto the carpet. After using the product, use a steam cleaner to remove it. 

Vinyl, wood, or laminate floor:

If you have spilled red wine on vinyl, wood, or laminate floor, blot the area with a damp cloth. And if the stain is evident, then mix oil soap with water and dip a cloth into the mixture. Make sure you scrub the area well.

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