Self-care tips to improve your health

Self-care tricks you should consider to improve your health

We are usually so involved in our responsibilities and routine that we forget the importance of taking care of our health but it should be put on the priority list. Here we share some simple self-care tricks that can help you improve your health

With the current situation of COVID-19 spreading around the world, we are staying more hours at home than ever. So, why don’t you take advantage of that situation to make a positive change in your life?

Changing your habits can lead to better health

Just think about it! Changing your habits can lead to better health and this can help your body and immune system be more prepared to fight against this one and any other virus. 

5 self-care tricks you should consider

1) Cut off toxic habits and relationships

Consider the pandemic as a chance to put your health first. So if you have vices, it is a good time to try letting them go and the same applies to toxic relationships. Keep the people who add value to your life or help you be peaceful and cut off those who only threaten your peace of mind. 

Keep the people who add value to your life

2) Go on a healthy diet and eat on time

Now that you may have more time, set a schedule for meals, and have a healthy and well-balanced diet. Having a meal plan will help you avoid bingeing, which can harm your digestive processes, making you feel uncomfortable throughout the day. 

Swap cookies for fruits and greasy food for nuts. Here is a healthy recipe you can try at home. Now is the time to boost your immune system!

3) Sleep well

Sleeping well is essential to help your nervous system function properly. And a lack of sleep can lead to several health problems such as weak immunity and diabetes. Spending time watching TV or with your cellphone is okay but as long as it does not mean less sleeping hours. Learn some tips to improve your sleeping quality. 

Sleeping well is essential to help your nervous system function properly.

4) Embrace yourself 

In this hard time, it is important to be kind and do not punish yourself for making mistakes. Being at home and the public health situation can affect your mental health so it is important that you should put your mental health first. Try to find activities that make you feel in a good mood, and if you still feel bad seek professional help. It is okay, not to be okay.

5) Indulge in physical activity

If you are doing home-office, chances are you working more than ever. If that is your case, you should add physical activity to your routine. Not only is it good for your body but also for your mental health: it helps reduce stress levels and anxiety. Here are the best Youtube channels for home workout

Victoria Thais

A trip to India was all it took for Victoria to realise that meditation is not a fancy word for sitting around in silence. It truly changed Victoria’s life to a less stressful and more mindful one. Now a freelance consultant and journalist, Victoria joined KOKO to share her knowledge on those little things that are life so much better, and cosier.+ info

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