Positivity: 6 ideas to reinvent yourself during the pandemic

Positivity: 6 ideas to reinvent yourself during the pandemic

It's safe to say we have rarely spent this much time at home. And it has given us a lot of time to ponder how to change our lives. But that doesn't mean that the ideas get going on their own. Now it's about making what you've thought about happen.

Take advantage of these strange times and turn them into something positive. This might be the moment you've been waiting for. 

These six ideas will get you started.

1. Make a simple plan using a sheet of paper

Make a plan

Draw a cross in the middle. In each section, write down your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It allows you to have a diagnosis of where you are and the panorama available to define your actions and settings.

2. Find people who support and encourage you

Reinvention will involve transformations both personally and professionally, and the environment influences our decisions. It is important that you surround yourself with people who stimulate and support you.

Find people who support you

 3. Think of infinite possibilities

Especially in moments of uncertainty when nothing is for sure, everything is possible. It sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it is not: the lack of consistency and volatility means that anything can happen, so there is greater permeability for new things, innovations and different approaches in all activities.

Everything is possible

4. Acting and measuring results

As important as reinventing oneself is to focus on acting, to implement a strategy and action plan, and to measure the concrete result. In changing times, results can be seen in variable time frames, so while you cannot predict well what will happen (I recommend you not be too vigilant about the predictions of the experts). You can establish a monthly analysis to verify and adjust the course.

Measure results

5. Create your personal mark

You project needs to have something that will diferentiate you from others. Think of your personal characteristics and what sets you apart. Refer to the strengths you listed earlier and imprint them in your project. 

Think of your strengths

6. Be aware of your emotions

Another fundamental link is to work on your self-knowledge and self-awareness, to detect those behaviours that attempt against your project (self-sabotage). For example, hiring a coach with several years of experience will help you recognize, elaborate and adjust the emotional impact you are feeling.

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