Plastic-Free July: a sustainable challenge with millions of followers worldwide

The planet's environmental problems, such as plastic pollution, cannot be fixed in 30 days. But at least it's a concrete commitment you can make in just four weeks.

The challenge was born in Australia almost 10 years ago and now more than 250 million people are involved and in different places of the planet.

The appeal of Plastic Free July consists of proposing a series of commitments that anyone can make during one month to reduce the use of plastic.

No perfectionism. Just what is necessary to be practical.

The creators of this event claim that it is not a question of raising awareness about the large amounts of plastic waste that are invading our planet, but above all how we can do something about it with small changes inhabits.

Plastic-Free July: a sustainable challenge that wins millions of followers worldwide

We tell you 3 things you can do during this month to commit to the reduction of plastic:

1. Start with one thing

Thinking about the immense challenge of reducing plastic can make the task too big and you end up doing nothing.

Choose just one thing: for example, stop using bags; reduce packaged foods. Just one thing, and on an ongoing basis.

2. Make your own food

If you take on the challenge of consuming your own mayonnaise or ketchup, making your own cookies, cooking your own Mexican tortillas, you may save several kilos of plastic a month in packaging.

Plastic-Free July: choose just one thing: for example, stop using plastic bags

3. Fashion is another great producer of plastic

Synthetic fabrics are one of the major contributors to plastic contamination.

Reducing the purchase of clothes and following some of the ideas of slow fashion can be a possibility to reduce somewhat the environmental impact of fashion.

For the organizers, it is a matter of having commitments that can be fulfilled, simple and that can be maintained over time.

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