Relax time: Mood-boosting massage techniques you can try at home

Massages have become a pamper in a spa day and a remedy after working out. However massages have more to give, so here we share their benefits and how to do a self-massage at home

Massaging is about touching other people to make them feel good, and touch is more important in our lives than you may think. According to a study, touch plays a vital role in our health since it shapes biological responses and behaviors that impact our overall wellbeing. And this feeling of relaxation and safety come from our infancy, through the loving touch of our mothers. Moreover, massages have become great therapy since they are able to calm and balance the nervous system. 

Massages have become great therapy

How massages can affect your mental health

Massages are beneficial for your mental health since they facilitate reconnection between the mind and body. Massages give your mind the time to think about your body so they can calm and give you peace, rebalancing your energy and boosting your mood. 

The mental health benefits of massage include:

Massages are beneficial for your mental health

Self-massage: a how-to guide

Although a professional massage is the best option if you are not in the position to head out for a professional massage you can try a self one at home. 

1) Back and shoulder massage

Your back and shoulders can get knotted due to a bad physical movement. As a result, releasing all of this unwanted tension with massage can feel wonderful. 

If you are not in the position to head out for a professional massage, try a self one at home. 

2) Face and neck massage

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