Main tips to take care of your winter garden

How to take care or of your winter garden in 4 easy steps!

If you've decided to have a winter garden, you've got a hobby that will last all year long. Low temperatures, humidity, and rain cause significant damage to these gardens. Here you'll find some tips from experts to keep your garden healthy all year round!

The cold season is here and if you own a winter garden you have to take some measures in order to keep it healthy. Without further ado, here are the tips!

1. Watering

Contrary to summer, during winter gardens don't lose as much water to evaporation. This is why soils can easily waterlog if overwatered during the coldest seasons. It is a good idea to water only in the morning to reduce fungal disease -as they love wet conditions. 

Soils can easily waterlog if overwatered.

2. Fumigate

In this period of low activity plants are supplied with energy to face future growth. Fruit trees, for example, need cold to flower and bear fruit.

If temperatures are too low or there is a lot of rain, pests can attack our plants and trees, diminishing their future action.

Winter is the ideal time to spray the shrubs and tree trunks with miscible oil to kill the wintering spider females and control the snails.

How to take care of your winter garden: Fumigate

3. Protect delicate plants

Frost is a problem for many plants in the garden -especially delicate plants. It is important to place a layer of wood chips or bark and leaf cover over the soil in order to increase the thickness of the soil and to enrich the soil. 

You can also cover the more delicate species with a small mountain of branches at the base.

Protect delicate plants

4. Pruning

During the winter months, deciduous species are pruned. The fruit trees are pruned according to special techniques. Perennial shrubs are pruned to trim the plants, shape them or clean them of dry branches.

The lawn is in its period of recess, therefore the cutting is done as needed with intervals that can be from 15 days to once a month.

In very cold areas it is good to put a thin layer of leaf litter or compost.

Winter is also a good time to remove weeds, as the soil will be soft and it will be easier to uproot them.

How to take care of your winter garden

If you follow these tips, it will make your winter garden is bound to thrive!

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