Madonna left her message in commemoration of LGBT Pride Day

LGBT Pride Month motivated many celebrities to leave a message to reflect on society and fight for the rights of the LGBT community.

Ricky Martin, Madonna, are some of the celebrities who left a post after LGBT Pride day.

Due to the context of the pandemic, the Pride 2020 commemoration was moved to social networks. Check out the messages left by the celebrities:


Reese Witherspoon also spoke out to make society aware of the equal rights of all people.

 As we celebrate #pride this month, a word that keeps coming back to me is persistence. Let's continue to work passionately towards equality for all. I believe in the possibility of a world that is united through love, respect & acceptance. May EVERYONE be welcomed and protected.

The epidemic has forced a change in the traditional calendar of street celebrations to commemorate the revolts in Stonewall, New York on June 28, 1969, which gave rise to the group's demands for its rights.

However, this month was important to leave messages to society, in the fight for the rights of the LGBT community. 


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