Less is More. How can minimalism change your life

Less is More. How can minimalism change your life

You may have heard a lot about minimalism. Generally related to the interior design of a space or a work of architecture. But minimalism is something else.  It's a way of living!

Minimalism is the least of our options. With fewer things, fewer possessions, and fewer ties you can connect better with your inner self.

To have only the essentials, to live with as little as possible, and to get away from worries about material things.

In fact, it is a modern practice of asceticism. Asceticism is an undefined renunciation of earthly pleasures in search of spiritual perfection. Whatever those may be.

Having less stuff

Minimalism architecture is clean and calms the mind.

Minimalism means a renunciation of suffering for material reasons which, moreover, are usually unnecessary.

It seems contradictory that your suffering for not having things will cease if you give up the things you do have.

To live with as little as possible

This is how it works. When we take away the importance of material goods and begin to detach ourselves from the need to buy and have them.

One test is to lose something. You can't lose what you don't have. 

The loss of objects, even those that have emotional value, those things, when they are important, is inside us and if they are not important they do not need to be.

Minimalism means to have less, have only what is essential

Too spiritual for yourself?

This may all sound very good to you but you have no idea how to put it into practice.

It is much easier to identify minimalism as a characteristic of something concrete than as an attitude towards life.

We recognize a minimalist decoration or a fashion trend before a philosophy of life.

The decoration of your house can be minimalist and even you can dress minimalist, but for that to come naturally, it is a minimalist attitude: a different way of living, not just decorating or dressing.

If you want to learn more about minimalism we recommend Netflix Minimalism documentary

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