Jamie Chung Keeps Fit without going to the Gym: What is her Secret? Jamie Chung Keeps Fit without going to the Gym: What is her Secret?

Jamie Chung keeps fit without going to the gym. This is her secret

Actress Jamie Chung tells her secret to stay healthy, without going to the gym. This trick can work for all of us!

The actress trains very hard before a movie. She says she likes to take Pilates, Yoga and kickboxing classes. She says that to exercise you have to be motivated. We should do something we enjoy.

"I try to take at least four classes a week. On my days off, I take a yoga class. When I decide to cancel my class, I encourage myself to do 100 jumps in the park. Then I do as many push-ups as I can and burn out doing squats.

On top of this, she goes jogging outdoors, which is a very healthy activity. In addition to toning our whole body, jogging is very good for the mind. It helps us reduce stress and anxiety. Regarding her diet, the actress reveals that she eats healthy to improve the results of physical activity.

"In the morning, I have two tacos for breakfast or a vegetarian egg scramble with avocado tostadas and, of course, hot sauce. For lunch, a mixed green salad with proteins and vegetables and a Vita Coco sparkling water (lemon ginger is my favorite). For dinner, a sautéed vegetarian brown rice".

She says she tries to reduce her intake of animal protein, so she just eats some chicken or fish for lunch. The rest is vegetable-based food.

She does not go to the gym but maintains healthy habits. That's her secret to staying in shape.

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