The cactus, a green oil that Mexico is exploiting

Is Cactus biofuel a way to reduce our carbon footprint?

The cactus is one of the best known plants in Mexico and the Nopal is the most popular of them. With cactus Mexico does great things, starting with Tequila. But now it's giving us a new type of biofuel.

Two Mexican entrepreneurs discovered the potential of cactus for producing fuel. The process is simple, they claim: the plants are cut down and mixed with manure that accelerates decomposition and the production of methane and water.

Cactus is being used to produce biofuel in Mexico

This is the birth of a new vegetable-based fuel that is already being marketed in some small cities in Mexico.

The entrepreneurs managed to make their production economical enough for Cactus biofuel to be 40% cheaper than a liter of petrol gasoline in Mexico.

Now these two entrepreneurs offer the fuel to government-owned cars in the city of Zitacuaro and in vehicles that are powered by gas. 

Noapalimex, the company behind the invention, patented the fuel claiming it negatively impact the environment.

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