Is COVID the end of City life? Living a container can be your new perfect place.

Is COVID the end of City life? Living in a container can be your new perfect place.

After the crisis caused by COVID19, some of us wonder if it may be a good idea to stay in the cities. When you look at the infection rate, it' s clear that big cities are ideal places for a virus. Going to the countryside is an amazing option, but you may not be able to buy a house. Are containers an alternative?

Many people are exploring different options for cheaper and more innovative housing. For example, container houses. Shipping containers are getting a second life as an affordable and environmentally friendly building material.

Containers are strong, resilient, and can be fitted in workshops and installed in the area you want.

Shipping Containers are a perfect alternative for your next house

Two sizes

The containers are available in two sizes.

  1. Some containers come in 6.10 meters long x 2.44 meters wide x 2.59 meters high.
  2. And others are 12.19 meters long x 2.44 meters wide x 2.59 meters high, called High Cube.

Beautiful shipping container houses

A household with only one container can be relatively small. Some owners combine several containers to create much more spacious and luxurious homes.

What does living in a container look like?

This is a very important aspect of the process. The containers are metal. If you do not insulate them, in summer the heat is unbearable, as is the cold in winter.

Besides, the containers are resistant because of their structure. You can open windows and doors but not so many that they weaken the main structure.

Can you build your new house in a container?. You'll be surprised

Ideally, it should sit on a cement platform or cement pillars, something isolated from the earth. Support is very important because in case of strong winds you can have problems.

It is advisable to have an architect or designer to optimize the spaces in the best way possible. 

You can add several containers, open up winter gardens, or attach concrete constructions if your budget allows it.

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