Indoor plants can actually make you feel better

Indoor plants can actually make you feel better

It’s not a trend, it's a fact.

The plants in your house not only light it up but actually make you feel better. That’s because they do the opposite that we, humans, do: they release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. This not only freshens up the air but also eliminates harmful toxins. 

Studies have shown that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent!), reduce stress levels, and boost your mood. That’s why they are just perfect for your home and for your workspace, too.

If you place a plant on your desk in the office, it will change your mood. Why? because seeing greenery and nature makes you feel more relaxed and calm. Indoor plants serve a practical and aesthetic purpose and will enhance your life.

Here are some tips to make it happen:

Choose right

Orchids are great for the bedroom

Although plants release oxygen during the day, at night, when photosynthesis stops, most of them release carbon dioxide. However, plants such as orchids, succulents, snake plants, and bromeliads do the opposite and emit oxygen, making them the perfect plants for the bedroom.

Sunny or not sunny

Most indoor plants don’t like the direct midday sun, be aware of that when you are planning where they are going to be placed.
Don’t panic if you see some leaf burned or sudden leaf-fall. Most plants can be easily rescued. Sometimes it is a matter of watering too much or not enough. In extreme cases, organic fertilizers are a great way to revive your plants.

Plants light up every room

Plants light up every room!

Plants are an easy and gorgeous way to style up your place and for a small amount of money. You can have fun with the pots, and display your plants in beautiful ceramic and copper containers. Owning plants doesn’t have to be expensive, if you don’t want to buy that much, just take a cutting from a friend’s plant and propagate your plant from scratch.

Not every plant is for every room

You need to know what plants are best for each room, it is crucial when it comes to plant-styling: the bathroom is perfect for air plants and kokedama (Japanese hanging moss ball), as the excess moisture from your daily shower helps those particular plants flourish. If you’re lucky enough to have a sunroom or a super hot room, then fill it with ferns, palms, succulents, and cacti as they adore the heat.

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