What if there's a Covid patient at home

Important tips to follow if you live with a COVID patient

We hope none of you are in this situation, but we want to tell you what to do in case you have a positive Covid-19 patient in your home.

1. This person should stay in a separate room, with good ventilation and closed door and avoid leaving the room. If the patient needs to access other areas of the house, stay 1 to 2 meters away from each other.

2. The areas where this person lives should be treated with extreme caution and safety, always using disposable or exclusive cloths, kitchen towels and/or gloves for disinfection.

3. As this person will have been in contact with many areas and surfaces in the house, we recommend that you disinfect the whole house thoroughly.

4. Places such as door knobs, switches, tables, toilet, shower, taps, remote controls, appliances; objects such as towels, sheets, mobile phone, computer or dishes used by this patient should be treated and disinfected with a special treatment.

5. At this point, and by way of summary, I would like to remind you that increasing hygiene measures will help to protect you and everyone around you not just from coronavirus, but other viruses as well. Every precaution counts. Above all, stay calm and positive. 

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