How to protect your immune system with simple daily habits

How to protect your immune system with simple daily habits

Maintaining a healthy life and taking care of the immune system is not only a good idea during a pandemic, it should be our routine. If you want to stay healthy through all seasons, let's learn how to keep a strong immune system all year round!

It is fundamental to consider every aspect of our lives in order to keep a healthy balance and protect the immune system. It is paramount to approach wellbeing from a holistic point of view -or immunity should also include our psychological health. We have to take into account our emotional well-being and physical activity, as well as eating habits. 

Keep healthy habits not only in pandemic

How to develop healthy habits to protect our immune system

Pay attention to your mental health

In psychological terms, it is recommended to avoid stress. I know it's easier said than done, but keep a positive mind, you can do it! A good idea to stay positive is keeping a gratitude journal, getting in touch with nature (even if it's a local park), meditating, and finding moments of solitude. All the latter activities have been scientifically proven to boost our overall health.

Journaling is great to deal with anxiety.

Sleep well

Do not forget to keep good hours of rest and difference the day from night. Human beings are the only animals on the planet that willingly deprive themselves of sleep -this is extremely detrimental to our health. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep -and leave your electronics outside your room.

Do not forget to keep good hours of rest.

Eat healthily

It is fundamental to have good eating habits and a balanced diet, as well as maintaining at least 3 dairy meals and scheduling in healthy snacks. Try to reduce the consumption of processed food, salt, sugar, and alcohol. If you find it hard to stop eating sugar, here are some tips!

Make sure to include at least two servings of vegetables and three pieces of fruit. Besides, try to increase the number of cereals and legumes and reduce the consumption of red meat.

Eat a rainbow!

Drink water

Remember to maintain good hydration, think of water as our fuel -without it, we are not able to perform all our bodily functions.

Drink lots of water,

Do exercise

Doing exercise is paramount to keep a healthy immune system: if you don't have enough time here is a 12-minute routine, and remember WOS stated that any type of exercise is better than none -so make sure you al least go for a walk in the sun -and it will also boost your vitamin D levels!

Go for a walk in the sun!

Remember to practice lots of self-care, to stay positive and to ask for help whenever you feel you can't deal with a situation, we all need a helping hand sometimes!

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