How to prepare for your productive time? How to prepare for your productive time?

How to make the most out of your productive time?

If the time comes when you notice your production cycle is starting, you should prepare yourself to make the most of it. Here's how.

This is the great productive and creative moment of your day. Don't waste it by improvising and not being prepared. The idea is that you spend your time solving difficult problems and looking for more creative answers. Basically, doing more.

You can do some preparatory work beforehand so that when you focus on your project you don't have to charge your phone or put out the fire so the money doesn't burn!

It's time to be focused, present here and now, in total concentration mode. Eliminate external interruptions and unnecessary distractions from your surroundings.

Maximize your time

How to become more productive

There is of course always something going on, especially if you are working from home. Find out what your best cycle is and take advantage of it. It may last 90 minutes. Or longer. Or less.

External influences can easily occur, especially at home. You won't always be able to do everything you set out to do, and there's not much you can do to change that. Hence, you need to maximize your productive time.

External influences can easily occur

All you can do is find out when your cycles are occurring and schedule your day so that you can reach that point and not have so many interruptions, intersecting with your highest energy cycle.

Creative Cycles

How to prepare for your productive time?

Find your bio-rhythm

There are people who work better during the early morning hours; going to bed a little earlier and getting up before the sun rises. Other people work better when there is hardly anyone left awake. Everyone has their own cycle and it's best to find out what yours is and take advantage of it.

What is the least productive time of the day?

Well, around 2:55 pm is actually the least productive hour of the day. Because you've already eaten and after eating, you are prone to feel sleepy and full. The average made by experts is around 2:55 p.m.

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