How to get back on track if your New year’s resolution hasn’t worked

When things don’t go as planned, you can either become frustrated or bounce back and learn from it. Here is how to!

When the new year’s excitement washes away and your goals seem difficult to achieve, it is easy to get discouraged and your self-esteem will suffer, it can even prevent you from pursuing your objectives. There is a study that states that most of us give up o our New Year’s objectives before the end of January. So, you are not alone! But failure is an opportunity to test your limits and assess your strengths.

Why do New Year’s goals fail?

Why do New Year’s goals fail?

The main problem is that we usually set goals that do not correspond with our authentic self –so it is quite difficult to maintain a promise that has nothing to do with who we are. instead, make your goals more achievable –break them into smaller tasks so the ultimate goal does not become overwhelming.

How to get back on track

First of all, don’t beat yourself up, instead, focus on building confidence and compassion. Change your perspective, even failing and giving it a try again, is what builds resilience.

Focus on the progress: Learn about yourself, make it about the process, not the result.

It's about the progress, not the result.

Acknowledge the time and effort you put into your goals and see if it is worth trying again. Give yourself credit for all the progress that you’ve made and reassess if you are aligned with your goal.

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