How to appreciate kindness

How to appreciate kindness: 5 tips everyone should know

It might be sometimes difficult to accept kindness from others because we think it is a hint of vulnerability. But giving and taking kindness is healthy and necessary.

We live in a society that teaches us to be brave and self-sufficient, but let’s face it, we sometimes need to accept that we cannot do it alone and that we do need help. This is how you should do it!

1. Appreciate the person who has offered help

1. Appreciate the person who has offered help

Thank them for their act of kindness, tell them you are grateful for their time and that they didn’t make you feel guilty to accept the fact that you needed help. This will make a big difference.

2. Pay it forward

Be aware that accepting kindness is good for us, but paying it forwards too. Accepting help from others also means that you value what they have to offer and it makes everyone feel good.

4. You deserve it

Knowing that you are good enough to receive kindness from others will help you too. Write down all the things that you love about yourself and repeat to yourself your positive affirmations.

 5. Stop suppressing emotions

5. Stop suppressing emotions

Leave aside all emotions that make you feel uncomfortable, giving and taking kindness is important for all of us. An unexpected gift or message of kindness is an opportunity to change someone’s day.

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