How fast you age depends on these 6 key factors

Taking care of our body, eating healthy food and controlling our emotions are some of the actions that can prolong our life and improve our health. Here are some suggestions for a smooth longevity

Human beings experience two classes of ages. First, the chronological age which deals with a genetic issue, natural selection, and temporal changes in biology.

Biological age, on the other hand, is determined by the course of life during which habits and attitudes develop. It is under six points of this age under which the speed of aging depends on. 

Speed aging depends on the biological age


1. Biology and its maintenance

It is a health and self-care issue. All the actions that we carry out to take care of our body. This is a list of our best self-care tips.

2. The food

We are what we eat. It has to do with the foods we choose to be healthier.

Healthy food is always a good choice for longevity

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3. The movement

All the actions that we carry out to exercise, play sports, or train. Our MOVE section can help you get started.

4. The thought

We interpret reality according to our beliefs. It depends on our point of view on various topics such as religion, politics, socio-cultural issues, etc.

5. The feeling

It's about how we deal with the situations around us. How we face them and how much we get involved.

6. Emotions and especially stress

Environmental and emotional stress generate neurochemical and hormonal changes that can accelerate biological wear and tear due to immune alterations that decrease its defensive and restorative capacity.

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High-stress levels have a negative influence in aging

When we are born we are all identical. At 6 we are all the same. At 24 we are all alike. But at 76 we are all different ... Why is that?

Because the more advanced the chronological age, the more impact and influence the course of life has on biological age.

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