How can you improve your sleep this summer?

Who doesn't love a warm sunny day? Summertime is amazing for your mood, but it can also affect and disrupt your sleep. Read on to understand summer's impact on your sleep, and what can you do to sleep better this summer.

1. Dim the Lights

Set up a routine, try to wind down one hour before going to bed. Avoid using your phone as blue light from it can supress melatonin levels (the sleep hormone), which will affect the duration of your sleep.

2. Check your room temperature

Key to success here is to sleep in a room with a temperature between 57° F and 72° F (14° C - 22° C). A cool short shower can also be helpful, and make sure you use a very light duve or just cotton bed sheets.

Summer can disrupt your sleep. Learn what you can do to sleep better this summer

3. Change your drinking habits

Don't get confused. Having a summer cocktail or a glass of Rose looking at the setting may sound like a fantastic way to relax. However, alcoholic drinks can prevent you from entering REM sleep (vital for adequate rest). Also, alcohol can raise your body temperature which will further disrupt your sleep.

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