Diet and lifestyle tricks to balance your hormones

Hormonal imbalances: 3 simple tips to take care of your hormones naturally

Are you suffering from sleep problems, headaches, or skin issues? Those can be hormone imbalance symptoms. Find out some tricks that can help you restore hormone imbalance

We have more than 50 different hormones circulating inside our body right now and they play an important role there. If they are working well you will not notice them, but when they are imbalanced, that can lead to some health issues. 

The causes of hormonal imbalances

What causes hormonal imbalances?

Medical conditions such as diabetes and thyroid disorders and the medications or treatments for those conditions can impact your hormones. Also, injures, trauma and eating disorders can cause this problem. However, even some habits can have bad consequences and produce hormonal imbalance.

Lifestyle habits that can also cause hormonal imbalance include:

Some habits like poor sleep can have bad consequences and produce hormonal imbalance.

How to restore hormone balance

1) Work on your stress levels

Stress is a normal part of many people’s lives which is not bad. However, too much stress can become chronic and create or exacerbate hormonal imbalances.

Is it possible to get rid of stress? Yes, it is. All you need to do is to learn how to deal with it. Look for de-stressing activities: it could be a sport, a hobby, yoga, deep breathing, meditation, or whatever makes you feel good. Research has shown that six-months of practicing meditation could improve insulin levels and stress levels, so meditation is a good place to start. 

Six-months of practicing meditation could improve insulin levels and stress levels

2) Reduce or eliminate sugar and food sensitivities 

This can be difficult to change but is necessary. Sugar keeps insulin elevated, leading to hormone problems. The same happens with food sensitivities: according to experts, a healthy gluten-free diet can reduce inflammation and insulin resistance and consequently maintain hormone balance. To follow this trick, it is advisable that you should consider working with a professional so as to have a treatment related to your needs. 

3) Sleep well

These are some tips you can try to optimize your hormonal balance: 

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