Home office: tips to avoid physical and mental fatigue

Nowadays, our home office occupies the same physical space that we use for lunch and do homework with our children. Safety in the work environment has moved to homes with other demands, and we must pay close attention to factors that can affect our health.

Tips to avoid physical and mental fatigue:

* The design of the workstation must be ergonomically suitable, paying attention to issues such as the location of the laptop (the screen should be parallel to the eyes) and the chair we use, which may damage our back and neck.

The design of The workstation must be ergonomically suitable

* Determine reasonable working hours. Although working at home reduces the time we travel, we should make it clear how much time we need to connect and disconnect so that this does not affect our post-work leisure time.

* Eating healthy meals away from the workstation.  When establishing our meal times, we should not only pay attention to the quality of the food but also to the sector of the house, which should be different from the one we use to work.

Eat healthy food and avoid eating where you work

* Get the necessary sleep. It is important to rest properly. This will optimize your performance during the day.

* Getting dressed to start the task helps to take it seriously.

* Take breaks to read, exercise, listen to music, etc. This will help you relax and stay more focused while working.

Take breaks to read, exercise, listen to music, etc

* Do not get distracted by accessing virtual platforms that are not for work, leave them for the moment of leisure.

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