Green fingers: how to take care of your succulents

When succulents are indoors it’s often hard for them to get enough sunlight. Whilst these are some of the easiest plants to have around, you should still provide basic care for them to be in their best shape.

Beautiful and easy to care for. Perhaps that is why succulent plants have become the preferred ones for nature lovers since they take up little space and allow us to have them in almost any space.

Pay attention to these simple tips to take proper care of your succulents. Despite their humility, these extraordinary beauties will keep your home looking great, both in their usual state and in full bloom (they do also have flowers)!

Pay attention to specific information on watering your succulent plant.

1.Succulent plants: moderate watering
Succulent plants are able to absorb moisture from the environment and retain it in their leaves, stems, and roots.

This ability is responsible for the fact that on many occasions, we see this type of plant without a substrate or suspended in the air in glass containers. Therefore, excess watering can be lethal for them. During the winter, they will not need more than one irrigation every fifteen days, while in the hot months you can increase the regimen to one irrigation per week.

Succulent plants love sunshine!

2. As much light as you can give them
Although they need a lot of light, you should never leave them in direct sunlight, much less in summer. Because in order to maintain proper hydration they need to be able to save water reserves and direct exposure to the sun and summer heat dehydrates them.

Direct sun and heat can make the leaves turn red and that is a sign that they are burning. On the contrary, if we detect that the tonality of its leaves pales, it's time to look for a location where it can receive more light.

Succulents thrive in well-draining, porous soils.

3. Fundamental drainage
Just because they store water well, does not mean it's good for them to be flooded. For this reason, it's important that succulent plants have good drainage to eliminate excess water.

So forget the dish underneath! Unless you use it purely for decoration, but drain the excess water after irrigation.

Succulents are the ideal houseplant.

4. A simple soil for simple plants
Keep in mind that these plants grow on rocks, in the bark of a tree, in unfavorable conditions. So they do not need a mineral-rich substrate, but rather poor soil. Nothing like considering mixing the substrate with sand or with the cactus substrate. And have fun enjoying your plants!

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