Some tips on how to reuse your old clothing

Go green and save money: some tips on how to reuse your old clothing

Old clothes are not just to keep them locked in the closet or throw them into the garbage. There´s a lot more you can do with them.

In past times, there were two destinies for old clothes: dying in the closet or going directly to the trash can. But as fashion has changed over the years, so has our behavior and habits. If you are reluctant to throw away old clothes or just want to give them a new and different use, learning how to recycle them is a valid option.

When we stop wearing a garment, we generate tons of waste, largely non-biodegradable, since many pieces of clothing are made of synthetic fabrics, including metal or plastic elements. In addition, giving them a new use means that you could take care of the environment, be more sustainable and reduce the expense of buying new clothes, just by being imaginative you can turn outdated clothes into something new and wonderful.

Giving your old clothes a new purpose means that you could take care of the environment and be more sustainable.

Once you realize you have too many clothes you are not using, a simple question arises: why did I buy them compulsively if I don´t need them? If you admit that, then it means you can try to find a solution to the excess of clothing in your wardrobe. There are many tricks to recycle clothes or find a better home for them.

The clothes that you don't wear could be of use to other people. So why not donate them then? If the clothes are in good condition, there are hundreds of NGOs that will be happy to accept them. You can also try asking family members or friends, participate in second-hand markets, or sell them online.

If your clothes are in good condition you can donate them to NGOs that will be happy to accept them.

If the clothes are old or torn, we recommend you talk to animal protectors, since torn clothes can be used as a bed for animals or to make more comfortable areas where puppies or sick animals sleep. Or you can also use them as rags to clean the house.

If none of these options appeal to you, there´s always the option of turning those clothes into other things. Let your imagination fly and turn your used clothes into new objects. This is especially suitable for torn or stained garments whose fabric can be used for other things, from making cushions or armchair covers to wearing pants or creating an original bag.

You don´t want to get rid of your torn stained old clothes... then turn them into other things!

You may also like to consider that the fabric of certain garments can be used to create decorative objects of all kinds, such as paintings, tablecloths, or accessories. You can find tutorials on how to do that on the internet.

A final option is to use your used garments as a base for different garments, original and exclusive accessories that can give your looks a different touch. The possibilities of garment modification are endless and the limits are only set by your skill with the sewing machine or your financial availability. For example, you can wear a loose shirt as a dress, putting it on with stockings, heels and a belt. Or you can remove parts of clothing to turn a jacket into a vest, or a coat into a blazer.

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