Feng Shui: 5 items you shouldn't have in your house

Feng Shui: 5 items you shouldn't have in your house

With Feng Shui you can not only redesign your space and look for the energy to flow better in it. It allows you to do a very healthy physical and spiritual cleansing.

There are objects that “steal” energy and you must eliminate them from home definitively if you want positive energy flows freely. There are items you shouldn't have in your house.

1. Broken objects

Broken objets

2. Empty bottles

Empty bottles

The packaging of beauty products, such as perfumes and creams should be removed from your home and taken to recycling. Others, such as mayonnaise or jams, can be found for other uses.

3. Broken watches and clocks

Broken watches and clocks

If you have a wall clock that doesn't work in any part of the house, you should think about repairing it or removing the clock.

The fact is that when a clock stops, the energy also remains stagnant, and this can influence the mood of the people living in the house. It will also negatively influence the progress of your projects.

Be especially careful not to have a stopped clock in the spaces where the whole family spends the most time.

4. Sad or violent pictures

Violent pictures

Any sad or violent image will transmit bad energies in the environment you are in. You must be careful when choosing the images that will decorate your home.

Violence may not be explicit, but take a good look at what the image you want to use conveys, and if it is not positive, look for another one.

Be especially careful with images of angry animals, which often go unnoticed but generate a lot of bad energy in the environment.

5. Duplicate objects

Duplicate objects

It is normal to have two or more copies of a single type of item, but you should get rid of any duplicate items in your home. Give them away.

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