This is why you are still feeling tired after a vacation

If you have returned from spending a few days off, either traveling or at home, but you are still tired, these may be the causes.

You rested but you don't have the energy to start your daily routine, it's a fact. Today we share with you some possible causes that may be affecting your performance and your personal power.

1. You're not eating well

Why are you often more tired than when you left?

The first factor we have to check when we are experiencing a lack of energy is how we are feeding and what. This includes the quality and quantity of food, relationships, and environments that we frequent, thoughts that we are consuming on a daily basis. Review what you are adding to your body and assess how you could beautify it to feel better.

2. You are not taking time for yourself

The less active we are, the less energy we have.

How many times do you make contact with nature and the outdoors throughout the day? If for work reasons, confinement, or personal routine you find that weeks pass and you do not spend even a moment a day breathing and taking walks in the open air, then, it is time to activate your alarm and transform your habits. Add at least two or three short walks per week to take energy from the sun, the trees, the wind.

3. You are not allowing yourself the change

3. You are not allowing yourself the change

Another reason that may be affecting your vitality is feeling or experiencing stagnation and lack of creativity in your personal life. How long have you not allowed yourself to change? Do you give yourself permission to act spontaneously? What are your motivations today? What are the details that you really value, inspire you, and help you transform your day?

4. You are not organizing your activities

A tendency that causes us to lose a lot of energy and vitality is a distraction.

A tendency that causes us to lose a lot of energy and vitality is a distraction. This coming and going with the mind or the body interrupting your activities, causes you to end up twice or three times as tired as if you did them one by one. Be careful with that feeling that you do more things at the same time because the body and the mind suffer and we end up being much less productive than we imagine.

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Victoria Thais

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