Eco-friendly candles: Choose soy wax for your spaces Eco-friendly candles: Choose soy wax for your spaces

Eco-friendly candles: Choose soy wax for your spaces

Soy candles are a sustainable alternative to illuminate and perfume your spaces. Find out why you should choose them.

Soy candles are currently very popular among local markets and sustainable stores. They arose from the experimentation of Michael Richards in search of a cheaper alternative to beeswax to make organic and natural candles, in the early '90s. Let's see what its benefits are.

Cleaner combustion
It's said that when lighting a soy candle, the burning is "cleaner" and zero toxic, as they are 100% natural. The soot released by this type of candle is 90% less than that emitted by paraffin candles, which usually leaves black marks on the jars, walls, and furniture.

Soy wax doesn't form petro-carbon.

An organic and eco-friendly option
Most of the candles offered on the market are made with paraffin, obtained from oil, which, in addition to being a non-renewable source, contains carcinogenic substances. These substances can be released into the air while burning. Although it is always advisable to read labels and choose a trustworthy brand, candles made with soybean fences generally use 100% natural compounds, are not related to the oil industry, and do not emit toxic compounds when burned.

Soy wax is the better choice because it has a lower melting point than paraffin.

They last longer
A soy candle lasts longer than a conventional candle of the same size. This happens thanks to the fact that its combustion time is slower and its combustion temperature is colder.

Better aroma and properties
The fact that its melting point is lower helps to preserve the properties and aromas of the natural essential oils that are usually combined in the product.

Another benefit of wax candles that allows melting at a low temperature is the reuse of wax when hydrating or massaging the skin or scalp. In addition, being a biodegradable material, investing in a candle of this type represents an investment that benefits the environment.

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