Early risers. Angela Merkel's daily routine to be more productive

Early risers. Angela Merkel's daily routine to be more productive

How does Angela Merkel's spend her early hours?  The most powerful woman in Europe has ingrained habits that have accompanied her since she was a child.

Every Thursday, for several years, Angela Merkel has attended a sauna with a friend. She also did so on Thursday, November 9, 1989. On that day, Germany experienced one of the most important moments in its history: the fall of the Berlin Wall.

But even that day did not affect Angela Merkel's daily routine. This shows the personality of this political leader.

Who is Angela Merkel?

Angela Merke has been German chancellor (prime minister) since 2005. She comes from the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) where she was a chemist. She has been the undisputed leader of the German centre-right for 15 years.

Angela Merkel gets up at 5 am

Vision of life

Merkel resigned when she arrived at the Chancellery to have an official residence. She lives in her own flat in the centre of Berlin, in the Mitte district, overlooking a canal on the river Spree that runs through the city.

Shopping at the supermarket

Merkel gets up very early and usually has breakfast with her husband. She does her own shopping at the supermarket.

Her favourite dishes

As a child she liked hamburgers according to the recipe of the Berlin-Brandenburg region ('Bouletten') and apple or cherry juice (which was in short supply in communist Germany). Now she has admitted that she cooks plum cake "for my husband", apparently one of her favourite desserts.

Morning routine

Angela Merkel gets up at 5 a.m. to have breakfast with her husband at 5:30. She then cycles to work. In the afrternoon, she might take some time off to do more exercise and return to the office. It is said that she sleeps only 4 hours per night.

Benefits: She finds time for physical activities and always eats breakfast.

Downsides: 4 hours is not enough time to have a restful night. The recommended amount of sleep is 7-8 hours. 

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