Donal Trump's Wishes on Hold as WHO Pauses Anti-Malaria Pill trials on Patients with COVID 19

Donald Trump's Wishes on Hold as WHO Pauses Anti-Malaria Pill Trials on Patients with COVID 19

Anti-malaria drug -hydroxychloroquine- promoted by President Trump, wil no longer be explored as a potential cure for COVID.   

A scientific study by The Lancet of 96,000 patients questions the effectiveness of the controversial drug. And for the time being, despite the preference of President Donald Trump, it will not be used in cases of cononavirus

An anti-malarial drug, which President Trump popularized as a treatment against Coronavirus, has been strongly debated by science for use in cases of COVID 19. and no treatment will be made with it for the time being.

The World Health Organization is temporarily suspended testing of the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for coronavirus to review safety concerns.

Trump became a promoter of the drug, even though the FDA warned that it could only be taken in hospitals, safely, under medical supervision, and with attention to cardiac risks. Chloroquine is used for malaria.

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